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About Elaine

Elaine Pagones is highly respected in both the interior design and real estate domains, boasting over 25 years of extensive experience in these fields. Her expertise in seamlessly blending classic and modern styles is deeply rooted in her upbringing and guided by the Greek principles of balance and harmony.


Originally from Seattle and currently residing in Bellevue, Washington. She previously owned two prestigious luxury Kitchen and Bath design showrooms in Bellevue and Seattle, where she worked on a diverse range of projects, including single-family homes, luxury condominiums, and multi-family developments. Her proficiency in handling high-profile custom projects naturally led her to expand her repertoire by becoming a Real Estate Broker over 12 years ago.


Recognizing the inherent connection between real estate and interior design, Elaine brings a creative vision to assist clients comprehensively with their needs. Her enduring relationships with clients are built on integrity, unmatched professionalism, in-depth market knowledge, responsiveness, and the assurance of peace of mind throughout the design and real estate processes.


Beyond her professional pursuits, Elaine's passion for real estate and design extends to her personal life. Together with her husband, she has successfully restored numerous investment homes over the years and continues to actively seek out new remodeling projects. In addition to spending time with her family and inspirational travel, Elaine also engages in various community and charitable organizations, contributing to the betterment of her local surroundings.

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